27. January 2019


Gülzow, August, photography before 1894
Holtz, Wilhelm, photography, without date
Fischer, Fräulein, photography, without date
Pielerg?, Marie, photography, without date
Reimer, Peter, photography before 1900

Different views of Demmin as postcards, 1904-1918
Postcard of the town hall with church, 16. January 1933
Postcard “Am Louisenthor”, 17 March 1904

Devener wood (with Voelschow mountain), 2 postcards, 1912-1915

Photography by Ernst Knoll from Leussin, 05 March 1908

All pictures were provided by David Krüger and are privately owned.


26. January 2019


Extract of the Demmin citizen role from 1812

List of all members of the local guild of marksmen, recorded 10 June 1812

Withdrawn from: Organization of a Citizen Guard in Demmin, 1812-1813

Report on the celebration of the 90th birthday of Johann Christian Friedrich Müller, 23 March 1895

Report on the celebration of the 90th birthday of Johann Christian Friedrich Müller, 23 March 1895

Music program of the 2nd Pomeranian Ulanen Regiment No. 9 on the occasion of the 90th birthday, 1895

Provided by a descendant of the family. Thank you very much!


Demmin weekly paper


13th January 2019


Citizen letter from Johann Christian Friedrich Müller, issued on 20 December 1831

Two photographs of the iron foundry Johann C. F. Müller at the mill pond in Demmin

Provided by a descendant of the family. Thank you very much!


Demmin weekly newspaper

Comment on the 35th volume (1865): Currently only issue no. 1 (03 January) to no. 79 (06 July) is online. The 2nd part will be handed in later.

In addition, a number of missing expenditures in the 25th volume of the Demmin weekly newspaper – 1856 is handed later.


17th December 2018

New: School chronicle of Metschow, (1834)-1955
Note: Due to data protection, the chronicle can currently only be published until 1934.
Individual articles (newspaper clippings,…) can be requested if required.


*Note: All pictures were kindly provided by a private owner.


03th November 2018



05th October 2018

New: Patient journal of the hospital in Demmin, 1863-1877

Contains a copy by number and a list of the surnames mentioned.


02th October 2018

The digital museum of Demmin local history now has an improved picture gallery with enlargement function, direct picture download.

and a “Share Picture” function.


27th September 2018

Today the website was published at a public event in the Demmin town hall..

Link to a newspaper article: Nordkurier – Nur ein Klick bis zum alten Demmin


22th September 2018

After a summer break we continue now. Missing contents were added, so that the website can be published in a few days.


15th July 2018

Digital copies were added to various categories, in particular many local pages were created.

Interesting are the Views of Sanzkow, drawn in 1842 by Theodor Crell.

Currently we have created about 200 pages, more will follow in the next days.


29th June 2018

Further weekly papers from Demmin were uploaded until 1856, and work began on categorising the Digital Museum, particularly the Demmin Collection.

Further digital copies were uploaded, at present we have already created about 150 pages.


26th June 2018

Today Demmin weekly papers from 1840-1853 were uploaded, as well as a start page for the digital museum. In the next 1-2 weeks more pictures will be processed so that they can be uploaded in the near future.

On the weekend 461 more digital copies were made, mainly from the photo archive. Some pictures are badly labeled, which makes it difficult to assign them.

The current number of digital copies is 18,667.


20th June 2018

Today the foundation stone for the website was laid, the name was decided and the system was set up. In the next days more pages will be created and the content will be imported.

The current number of digital copies is 18,206.

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