City history

Seal collection of Demmin, 1254-1742

The seal of the city shows a castle with two lilies expiring towers, between which the right-leaning Pomeranian griffin shield with the peacock helmet appears.

The small coat of arms shows a grasp between two individual towers. As abbreviated blazon applies a line, especially on coins.
















Without a clear date


In addition to arms


The eight-man seal is without a year. In the inner sign with foliage stands the number 8, out of so many people formerly consisted of this college. Two angels hold the 8 with outstretched wings. Above the shield is a helmet and on it stands the justice, in the right hand a mere heavy, holding in the left a flying scale.

Mark: Der Achten Wapen zu Demmin


Old people-Seal

The age people seal are without a year, but still needed in 1772. One represents a running woman, the other a resting one. In both the women in the right hand 3 arrows in the middle summarized, in the left a 3-sheet or rather 3-grain wheat ears.

Mark: Alterlevte Sigel in Demmin


Lower court-Seal

The Niedergerichts seal is from 1659. One can see the justice, with open eyes, in the right hand a bare sword, in the left a Libra.

In front of the knees is a sign with the city sign of Demmin.

Mark: Der Stadt Demmin Nieder-Gerichts-Siegel 1659.



– Wilhelm Carl Stolle: Beschreibung und Geschichte der uralten, ehemals festen, grossen und berühmten Hansestadt Demmin, Demmin, 1772

– Karl Goetze: Geschichte der Stadt Demmin – auf Grund des Demminer Ratsarchivs, der Stolleschen Chronik und anderer Quellen bearbeitet, Demmin, 1903

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