Clara-Zetkin-Straße (formerly Anklamer Straße, Luisenstr.)

Photography of the residential and commercial building, Anklamer Str. 29, 1889

Owner: Albert Marcks, trader

Note: The pictures were provided by the Garnisonsverein Demmin „9. Ulanen“ e.V. and are owned by the Society.


4 photographs of the Anklamer Straße, NSKK controls road traffic, around 1935

Photography of the Anklamer Straße / Geselliusplatz, ca. 1935

Photography of the Villa “Eulenkrug”, Anklamer Straße 18a, c. 1935

Photography of the new staircase to the Mill race, ca. 1935

On the left former department store Todenhagen, later consumer department store
On the right former Johannes Dähn, cigars, cigarettes



Photography of the Anklamer Straße, taken from Luisentor, around 1936


Photography of Anklamer Str. / corner Treptower Str., ca. 1938

Luisen gate

Postcard “Am Louisenthor”, 17 March 1904


Photography of the Luisentor, around 1920

Note: The picture were provided by Karsten Behrens and are privately owned.


Photography of the archway, c. 1935


Photography of the city side with new staircase, 1935


3 photographs of the Luisentor, c. 1935

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