City history

Mens from Demmin’s past, 1902

From Prof. Dr. Franz Müller, 12 essays by the Demminer Tageblatt. Printing and publishing of Dr. W. Gesellius, Demmin.

Includes on the last page a note from Martin Wehrmann for Prof. Dr. Müller, Stettin, 15.09.1902.

Note: All pictures were provided by David Krüger and are privately owned.



Introduction, Page 2-5

Heinrich Karl Schimmelmann, Page 6-10

Jakob Schimmelmann, Page 11-17

Again the family Schimmelmann, Page 77-90

Peter Michaelis, Page 18-27

Valentin Wudrian senior and junior, Seite 28-35, 62-63, 92-93

Joachim Lütkemann, Page 36-51, 91-56

Moevius Völschow, Page 52-61

Alexander Christiani, Page 64-70, 97-101

Bischof Conrad II. from Cammin, Page 71-76

The family Döling, Page 102-103

Ending, Page 104-105


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