Sanzkow, Altkreis Demmin

Letter from Theodor Crell, Demmin, with 2 light coloured sketches by Sanzkow, probably for Pastor Loholm, 15 September 1842


Pastor Carl Loholm zu Sanzkow, various documents and a photograph, 1807-1870

Photography by Carl Loholm

Letters and envelopes to Carl Loholm, 1807-1870

Testimony about the rightful possession of the iron cross II. class 1813/1814 for the non-commissioned officer, Studiosus Carl Loholm, 1815


Certificate of protective sheet vaccination

by Ida Caroline Laurette Wilhelmine Loholm, born on 10 December 1836 in Sanzkow

by Rudolph Carl Heinrich Loholm, born on 31 December 1838 in Sanzkow


Photography of the Bruhn family house, Sanzkow-Ausbau, around 1930

Note: All pictures were provided by David Krüger and are privately owned.


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