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Owner of the pictured objects (except for digitized objects with a * star) is the Hansestadt Demmin, Markt 1, 17109 Demmin, Germany.

The digitization of the depicted objects was carried out by the Garnisonsverein Demmin “9. Ulanen” e.V. from 2018-2021.

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City and district collections


Demmin Collection

A collection of digitized works about the city and the “Altkreis Demmin”.
Digital copies of places in “Altkreis Demmin” are listed separately (see below).

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Demmin Newspaper

Published in 1832 as “Demminer Wochenblatt”, later as “Demminer Zeitung”.

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Various objects were photographed, as well as digitized selected pieces in the 360 degree process.

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Location-related collections

From the following places are different digital copies available.
Click on a following name to get to the respective overview page.

Altenhagen, Altkreis Demmin

Altentreptow (bis 1939 Treptow an der Tollense), Altkreis Demmin

Borrentin, Altkreis Demmin

Breest, Altkreis Demmin

Broock, Altkreis Demmin

Buschmühl, Altkreis Demmin

Daberkow, Altkreis Demmin

Drönnewitz, Altkreis Demmin

Elmenhorst, Altkreis Grimmen

Ganschendorf, Altkreis Demmin

Grammentin, Altkreis Demmin

Grischow, Altkreis Demmin

Gültz, Altkreis Demmin

Hohenbüssow, Altkreis Demmin

Jarmen, Altkreis Demmin

Kartlow, Altkreis Demmin

Kaslin, Altkreis Demmin

Klempenow, Altkreis Demmin

Kletzin, Altkreis Demmin

Kummerow, Altkreis Demmin

Leistenow, Altkreis Demmin

Leussin, Altkreis Demmin

Lindenberg, Altkreis Demmin

Meesiger, Altkreis Demmin

Metschow, Altkreis Demmin

Moltzahn, Altkreis Demmin

Müssentin, Altkreis Demmin

Nossendorf, Altkreis Grimmen

Pensin, Altkreis Demmin

Plötz, Altkreis Demmin

Sanzkow, Altkreis Demmin

Schönfeld, Altkreis Demmin

Seltz, Altkreis Demmin

Siedenbollentin, Altkreis Demmin

Tentzerow, Altkreis Demmin

Treuen, Altkreis Grimmen

Tückhude, Altkreis Demmin

Tützpatz, Altkreis Demmin

Unnode, Altkreis Demmin

Utzedel, Altkreis Demmin

Verchen, Altkreis Demmin

Völschow, Altkreis Demmin

Zarrentin, Altkreis Grimmen


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