Moltzahn, Altkreis Demmin

Naturalisation certificate for Christian Baarß in Moltzahn, 1864

Carl Friedrich Christian Baarß, labourer in Moltzahn, born on 04 December 1838 in Markow, Mecklenburg


Drawing for the construction of a residential house for Carl Ernst Glawe, 23 May 1875

Created by master bricklayer Eggert, Demmin.
Ernst Karl Albert Glawe, born on 01 December 1847, married to Eveline Louise Assmus, born on 10 December 1856

Son of the former farm owner Johann Friedrich Christian Glawe, born August 22, 1818

Note: All pictures were provided by the Garnisonsverein Demmin „9. Ulanen“ e.V. and are owned by the Society.


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