Demminer Tageblatt from 1840-1920


Welcome to the pages of the "Demminer Heimatgeschichte". This website provides information about the history of the Hanseatic city of Demmin and the surrounding area. The focus is on the city's history. The castle Demmin is mentioned for the first time in 1140. The city law is evidenced since the year 1236. Since then, Demmin has experienced a varied history.

Because there is no open museum in Demmin since 2015, this site wants to bring the interested visitor closer to the history of Demmin. The Garnisonsverein Demmin "9. Ulanen" e.V. digitized the museum inventory from 2018-2020 and created the website. In 2021 the Demminer Heimatverein e.V. took over the website, since then the website is jointly maintained by both associations.

Browse through numerous digitized works, which can be found on the page "Digital Museum". A page on the history of the city and district is currently being planned.

We hope you enjoy exploring the "Demminer Heimatgeschichte". If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact us.

This project is supported by the Vorpommern-Fonds for the duration of the project.

More Informations

In 2017, several interested local historians, associations and companies joined together to digitize the collection of the former Demminer regional museum.
Within three years, selected objects, documents and photographs of regional history are digitized and made usable for anyone interested.

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