Demmin Newspaper


The first Demmin newspaper was published in 1832 and existed until 1945.

The museum collection of the former Demmin Museum contains editions from 1840, 1849-1944 (with gaps).

The Garnisonsverein tries to close these gaps.

Do you have one or more missing issues in your possession? We would be delighted to hear from you. Thank you very much!

Picture: Title page of the 1st edition, 1832




Demminer Wochenblatt

Demminer Tageblatt


Supplement to the Demminer Tageblatt

Am Pommerschen Herd

Published as a supplement to the Demminer Tageblatt.

We provide information from the following years: 1919-1937.


Der Zuschauer an der Peene

First published in May 1849. The last edition (No. 52) was published on 30 June 1850.


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