Jarmen, Altkreis Demmin

Carpentry trade

Land, situation and mortgage book of the city Jarmen, 1750 – approx. 1828

Contains an overview of the owners of houses no. 1 – 81 in Jarmen.


Dictation and essay by Bertha Kähler, Jarmen, 1865


Kuczynski, Alexander, curriculum vitae of the city and police secretary in Jarmen, with photo, 1919

Alexander Kuczynski, born on 24 August 1877 in Treptow/ Tollense


We provide information from the following literature:

  • Contributions to a chronicle of the city of Jarmen by Max Wilhelm, 1902
  • Chronicle City School Jarmen, 1996
  • The secular music performances of my father, the cantor Bernhard Kasten in Jarmen from 1897-1930, manuscript by Dorothea Kasten
  • The church music activities of my father, the cantor Bernhard Kasten from 1887-1942, manuscript by Dorothea Kasten


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