Kartlow, Altkreis Demmin

Portrait, oil on canvas

Caroline Sophie Philippine Hedwig Wilhelmine von Langen née von Keffenbrinck (1818-1882), from the estate of the von Heyden/Kartlow family


Copy of the visitation protocol at the introduction of Pastor Christian Brunnemann, July 22, 1672
as well as minutes of the expenses to be reimbursed to the widow of Pastor Nicolaus Brunnemann for the construction of the new parish building, Messkorn and Widow’s House, 22 July 1672

Hans Christian Brunnemann, son of the previous pastor Nikolaus Brunnemann (+September 1671), followed his father in 1762, was introduced to the congregation on 21 July 1672 and died in 1697. He was married to Sophie Agnisa of the East.

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