Breest, Altkreis Demmin

Warriors of 1864, 1866, 1870

Recorded 1905
Taken from a negative scan of a chronicle (Breest?)



Back row, standing from the left:

Johann Witt, master shoemaker. Born on 22 July 1835 in Breest, served in Stralsund in the 42nd Infantry Regiment, became NCO in the Landwehr Battalion in Anklam, belonged to the occupation groups in Saxony in 1866 and to the siege groups of Longvi in 1871. He died on 27.04.1929.

Wilhelm Ganschow, farmer, head of the community, from 1904 head of office. Born on 14 December 1847 in Breest. Remained in Stettin in 1870 as a substitute reservist. He died in 1919.

Wilhelm Grünberg, bricklayer and owner. Born on January 12, 1848, served in the 9th Infantry Regiment of Stargard, was in 1872 and 1873 in the Operations Army in France.

Johann Friedrich Ludwig Gladrow, farmer. Born on 05 January 1843 in Grüttow, served in the 34th Infantry Regiment of Rastatt, belonged to the crew of Stralsund in 1864, belonged to the siege army off Strasbourg in 1870 and took part in the Battle of Belfort in 1871. He died on 09 August 1907.


Front row, sitting from the left:

Johann Schröder, bricklayer and owner. Born on 29 October 1838 in Breest, served in the 42nd Infantry Regiment in Stralsund. Half 1864 with the crew on Rügen, fought 1866 with Gitschin and with Königgrätz, lay 1871 before Longwy. He died on 14 September 1907.

Wilhelm Berndt, master shoemaker. Born on 22 April 1845 in Golchen, served with the Royal Regiment of Szczecin, was in 1870 in Szczecin as an economist craftsman. He died on 30 April 1908.

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