Persons and Families

People and families from the town of Demmin. Persons who have lived in the old district of Demmin are listed separately under the individual places.

Assmus / Gremmels, Wedding newspaper, Demmin 1898

Bauckmeier, Jochen, imperial dress cards, 1940-1944

Blohm, Franz Helmuth August, various documents, 1902-1908

Testimony for the Protestant parish office of 1841, as well as confirmation as auxiliary preacher at the St. Bartholomaei church of 1845.Brunner, Carl, 

Brunner / von Versen, Family documents of 1764-1932

Conradts, Unknown, Photography, about 1880

Dammann, Wilhelm, various documents and photographs, 1860-1891

Demminer wreath-ladies, around 1880

Döbbert, Richard, Letter of apprenticeship of the barber-, hairdresser- and wigmaker guild, 11. April 1910

Dupladt, Christiane, Christmas motto for the year 1837

Düwelsdorf, Peter Jürgen, citizen’s letter, 1806

Eggert, Hugo, Photography and various documents, 1892-1927

Encke, Birthday jewellery leaves, 04. Dezember 1899

Eichblatt, Hermann, Photography, without date

Falbe, Wilhelm, Study council in Demmin, Portraits, made 1935

Fischer, Fräulein, photography, about 1882

Friedrich, Elisabeth, Poetry album, 1908-1919

Gesellius, Friederike née Kurth, portrait, about 1860

Gierz, Johann Ernst Friedrich, Certificate of presentation and ticket, 1853-1855

Goetze, Karl, Portrait, undated

Gülzow, August, photography from 1894

Hagemeister, Purchase document of the residential house no. 62 in Demmin, 20. October 1855

Hellwig, Alwine geb. Duvier, photography, about 1890-1893

Hollatz, Karl, Postcard with Photography, 1915

Klamann, Ferdinand Carl August, photography, without date

Knüppel / Krafft, Passport and military service certificate, 1928-1942

Künning, Friedrich, Photography, 1880-1893

Holtz, Wilhelm, Photography, without date 

Köhler, Georg Wilhelm Eduard, different documents, 1874-1921

Müller, Alfred, to the farewell party of the 1st honorary citizen of Demmin on 26 March 1914

Müller, Carl, Church certificate, issued on 16 April 1824

Müller, Johann Christian Friedrich, different documents, 1831-1895

Müller / Peters, wedding newspaper, Demmin 1920

Neumann, Unknown, Photography, without date

Nietzki, Max, Dr., photography from 1904

Ockel, Käthe, different documents of family, 1892-1939

Otto, Johannes Matthias Wilhelm, Silhouettes, about 1787-1799

Papenfuss, Complaint about bad treatment at the Registry, 12. May 1920

Peters, Hermann Friedrich Ludwig, receives the permission to settle in Demmin, 05. January 1870-1875

Pielerg, Marie, photography, about 1893-1899

Piper, Theodor, home teacher and later preacher, family album pages, 1793

Puffpaff, Johann, picture with his wife around 1920

Reimer, Peter, picture before 1900

Renius, Carl Johann Christian, testamentary and probate files, 1834-1899

Repfennig, Paul Karl August Friedrich, Teacher in Gültz and Demmin, Documents 1882-1884

Schmeckebier, Wilhelm, 2 pictures around 1860

Schmidt, Ludwig, Hand drawing after cadastral maps concerning the property, 16. April 1918

Schneider / Lemcke, photographs, without date 

Schneider / Schröder, Portraits of 1842 and 1846

Schröder, Anna, confirmation document, 26. March 1893

Schulz / Korthase, Certificates and a certificate of apprenticeship period, 1814-1852

Schulz / Wiedeck, Festive newspaper for the wedding celebration, 27. December 1928

Schulz, Wilhelmine geb. Boy, Photography, before 1929

Schütt, Jochen Andreas, mortgage certificate 1799

Sparagnapane, Rudolph, photograph, without date

Stypmann, Louis William Bernhard, photography, without date

Sumpf, Restaurateur, different documents from 1864-1867

Tegge, Helene, confirmation document, 31. March 1901

Tetzloff / Lange, different documents of the family, 1852-1853

Tilch, Friedrich Benjamin, different documents, 1850-1855

Tzschirner, Lawyer, house view from the villa, 1896

Unknown persons from Demmin, Photography, without date

Utess, Emma, Modiste, portrait, about 1882

von Podewils, Hildegard Leontine geb. Rost, Postcard, 07. December 1915

Wagner, Unknown, Photography, without date

Wend, Alfred, Photographs and documents, 1916-1919

Westphal / Müller, Photographs, about 1860

Wodrich, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary, Demmin, 14. June 1898

Wurmsee, Theodor, bottle of schnapps from 1850

Zimmer / Trantow, different documents, 1888-1961

Zimmermann, Gustav, 2 Photographies, 1912


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