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Sumpf, Restaurateur – various documents from 1864

1st document: Sign for fire extinguisher no. 1 for the restorer swamp. The owner is obliged to go immediately to syringe no. 1 in case of fire or thunderstorm, otherwise the same will be punished. Police authority

Document 2: Bill for the restorer Mr. Sumpf from the municipal gas factory to Demmin about gas light in the period from October 1, 1864 to November 1.


Sumpf, Theodor, various documents from 1866-1867

The following documents were found in the house at Baustr. 36 in Demmin.

– Copy in the Tagelöhner Schütt’s guardianship case, concerning the restaurateur Herr Sumpf, 07. April 1866

– Letter from Kahlden to Theodor Sumpf, Wendisch-Wipersdorff, 02 June 1866

– Letter to Theodor Sumpf, Sender is von Bülow, Lieutenant, Tramstow 02 October 1866


My best swamp.
If it should be possible for you, do me a favor and get me some money, I want to have 2-300 Marks immediately after our arrival in Demmin, which I don’t need, but don’t talk about it and answer me right away with a few lines. Yours sincerely from Bülow I, Lieutenant

– Letter from C. F. Große to Theodor Sumpf, Berlin, 07 February 1867

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