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Dammann, Wilhelm, various documents and photographs, 1860-1891

Photography by Philipp Schmidt and his wife, ca. 1860

Wilhelm Dammann’s great-grandparents:
Philipp Schmidt, +1869, Grandmother Schmidt, +1883


Photography by Hermann Dammann, circa 1867

Left: Hermann Dammann, father of Wilhelm Dammann
Right: His friend Ernst Blendow


Photography by Johann Dammann and Wilhelmine née Schmidt, c. 1880

Wilhelm Damann’s grandparents:
Johann Dammann, master blacksmith, born on 25. February 1812, died on 01. January 1899
Wilhelmine Dammann, née Schmidt, born on 17. October 1821, deceased on 15. December 1893


Fotografie von Wilhelm (Willi) Dammann, 1889

Wilhelm Dammann, geboren am 19. Juli 1888 in Demmin, gestorben am 06. Mai 1965


confirmation documents

Confirmation certificate from Willy Dammann, born on 19 July 1888 in Demmin
Certificate of confirmation from Emma Dammann, born on 14 December 1891 in Demmin

Testimony book by Emma Dammann

Testimony book by Emma Dammann, born on 14 December 1891 in Demmin

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